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50 Shades of pwned

posted Jul 25, 2014, 7:34 AM by Craig Cox
Thirteen years ago -- February, 2001 -- email started coming in to mailboxes all over the world, with the same subject, text, and attachment:

Anna Kournikova email sample

Apparently, people were very curious to see a picture of Anna Kournikova.  Enough people clicked the attachment that the malware made headlines, and today has its own wikipedia entry.

Fast forward to today.  As I do on most days, I was skimming my Facebook news feeds for material for this site, the sidebar on the consumer (non specialist) news sites kept bringing up the same image, with similar links / stories:  The steamy trailer for "50 Shades of Grey".

You can bet that scammers are noticing the buzz.  Scammers constantly build con games around current events.  Soliciting donations to benefit victims of disasters is the most common one.  But here's a psychic prediction from me to you:  Sometime between now and the first week of release, "50 Shades" will be used as bait to get people to click a malicious link.  The text could be something like a clip "too hot for the ratings board" or "unauthorized free copy" or similar.  But the scam will circulate.  Click the link, take the bait, and your computer gets a spanking.

That said, here are today's cyber tips.  Please pay no mind to the links in the margins.

Eight tips to help protect students from ID theft, from KGW Portland.  The meat of the article is a bulleted list at the bottom.

Coincidentally, another Eight Tips to Protect Yourself from Attacks, from Huffpo.