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Anthem breach

posted Feb 9, 2015, 12:11 PM by Craig Cox
The Anthem Blue Cross breach has been in the papers recently.  Since the State and the College use Highmark Blue Cross / Blue Shield, our personal information will not have been routinely shared with Anthem, and will not have been disclosed in this breach.

This may not prevent phishing scams, however.  At last check, only the Anthem customers were receiving scam emails -- pretending to offer credit monitoring, of all things -- but since the scammers may not know which insurer you have, they may try the scam on you anyhow.  For most of us, we'll be able to delete these with an easy mind because we're not using Anthem insurance.

If you have used Anthem in the past, or if you are on Anthem for secondary insurance (as with a spouse's employer, for example) Anthem plans to send out paper notices through the regular postal mail.  It is best to treat alleged Anthem emails with deep suspicion even if you are on their customer list.