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ATM Skimmers in the News

posted Mar 18, 2015, 6:50 AM by Craig Cox   [ updated Mar 18, 2015, 6:50 AM ]
This morning the Wilmington News Journal reported that a card skimmer was found at a Price's Corner ATM.  Skimmers are small devices placed over the opening where you swipe your debit or credit card, and read the magnetic stripe.  This can be used to make a copy of your card, but it doesn't give the thief the PIN code.

To get PIN codes, they usually plant a pinhole camera nearby to record you entering your code.  Brian Krebs' most recent story (about a different skimmer) shows photographs of both the skimmer and the camera, both in place and removed.  (In this particular article, the skimmer wasn't over the ATM, but over a door lock used for after-hours access to the lobby ATM.  M&T bank has such an arrangement in the old Wilmington Trust building in downtown Dover; you have probably seen them elsewhere.)

How do you beat skimmers?  I look for the pinhole camera.  The pinhole has to be fairly close to the keypad.  If you see an unfamiliar bit of trim at your favorite ATM, or you notice a small pinhole in a place that can record which buttons are pressed, don't use the ATM and report it to the bank or store where it's located.