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Data Breaches Shown Graphically

posted Sep 24, 2014, 8:18 AM by Craig Cox
A website called Information is Beautiful has a graph of "selected" biggest data breaches.  The use of "selected" tells you that they can't fit all the breaches on the graph, and I see that Home Depot is conspicuously missing.  (The Home Depot breach is estimated to have released 56 million credit card numbers, which would make a bubble slightly larger than Evernote, but not as big as Target, on the graphic.)  Even so, the graphic is still a good illustration of how our information can get published by others, no matter how cautious we happen to be.

Please visit the Identity and Finance page on this site to get in-depth information you can use to cope with this kind of threat.  The short story is:
  • balance your banking and credit card statements monthly
  • keep an eye on your credit report
  • when something looks wrong, follow up!