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Email Scams update

posted Aug 20, 2015, 11:35 AM by Craig Cox
Email Scam activity continues to be heavy this summer.  I previously posted examples of scams we're seeing this summer here and here.  New samples we're seeing include a scam pretending to be an "Outlook Web Apps" update, and a computer infector pretending to be a court summons.

The Outlook scam was most likely credentials harvesting.  The links in these usually go to a page that asks for your login ID and password, which are later used to send spam.  Worse, the hacker can log in as you and look at the resources you have, hoping to monetize something or work on getting deeper access into our network.  Fortunately the web page linked in this email has been taken down.

The bogus court summons contained an attached zip file with "details".  This was actually a trojan horse program that downloaded further malicious programs.  The likely goal was covert control of the victim's computer.  A computer thus compromised will report any passwords used, whether for Delaware Tech's network or for the user's personal accounts.  The computer could also be used as a relay for hacking activity or storage of contraband data, sending police to the hacking victim and insulating the real criminal.

When you get email that claims to be from a tech support organization, please look carefully for the red flags.  IIT (formerly DIET) email will come from a college email address.  In most circumstances, system changes will be announced in the portal before we start sending email.  If it looks fishy, don't click the link!  Check it out first.  Call the person who allegedly sent it.  Forward it to me ( for analysis.  Please don't just react to an email because it claims to be from a tech support organization; these things are too easy to falsify.