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Phone Scams

posted Sep 2, 2015, 7:49 AM by Craig Cox   [ updated Sep 2, 2015, 7:49 AM ]
Most of the posts on this site cover scams that come in through email, text or social media.  It's important to remember that scammers use old-fashioned telephones as well.
  • One of the scams in the tax scams post was perpetrated over the phone.
  • We had a telemarketer call one or more people at the George campus, thinking he was contacting homeowners.
  • The "tech support" scam is often tried over the phone.
  • The so-called Grandparent scam has been attempted on our staff in years past, and still crops up from time to time.
This is just a sampling of things we've actually seen.  Scammers won't operate within any set limits -- that's why they're the bad guys -- so the bait can be just about anything.  Your defense is to think critically about what people tell you on the phone, and don't let them rush you into giving up information or money.  The bad guys know that emotion kicks in before common sense, which is why the scammer wants you to be in a hurry.  Don't play the game!

In October, I'll be visiting each campus with workshops that go into detail on how scammers work and think.  If you'd like to spend 40 minutes learning how to recognize these scams, please watch for dates and times!