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Scams and Malicious Advertising

posted Aug 29, 2014, 8:57 AM by Craig Cox
MalwareBytes is warning of another FaceBook scam.  This one adds "shock and horror" to the list of ways scammers try to get past your common sense.  I post these from time to time just to let folks know that this kind of thing is going on constantly; and I probably don't relay a tenth of the scams that come to my attention.  Remember - be skeptical!

More worrying is the alarm that hackers purchase advertising space on reputable web sites, and put up ads that can infect browsers without the user ever clicking the ad.  HackerNews web site has details.  The defense on this one is a bit tricky; I have avoided advocating ad blockers because ads fund the so-called "free" content on the web; if web site operators can't sell ads, then a tremendous amount of free resources would vanish.  But until the ad agencies can vet their clients and keep malicious advertising from reaching your web browser, the only defense I can offer has to do with ad-blocking browser extensions, such as ghostery for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others.

You can get more information on web browser defenses by scheduling a seminar for your student, faculty or staff group on the topic of web browser privacy.