Do you need a guest speaker for your class, student organization or department meeting?  Cyber Security presentations are offered to any group in the College community -- students, faculty, staff or any combination.  If you have a group that's interested in 30-40 minutes of good material on how to protect your private information, your computer, or your family from cyber threats, please contact the ISO to set up a time!

If your business anywhere in Delaware would like one of these topics delivered right in your own meeting room, please contact the Terry Campus Corporate and Community Programs office at 302-857-1400.


Don't Fall Victim to Identity Theft

Audience:  Everyone
40 minutes + Q&A

In this presentation, we'll look at the mechanics of all kinds of computer fraud, focusing mostly on phishing and identity theft.  You'll learn about:
  • Fraud through email, telephone, fax and other means
  • Phishing, spear phishing, and social engineering
  • The economics of computer fraud
  • How to spot a scam
  • How to detect and prevent identity theft
  • What to do if you think your identity information was taken

Longer is Stronger - Making and using strong passwords

Audience:  Anyone who uses a computer password
30 minutes + practice, Q&A

Every week we hear about another computer break-in; some of these result in password lists being taken.  Hackers with a list of encrypted passwords can try millions of passwords per second, to see which ones work.  Would your password stand up to a high-speed guessing game?

In this class, we'll take a high-level look at how the bad guys are attacking passwords, and how to build a strong, complex password that you can actually remember.  We'll also take a look at password management software, and briefly discuss two-factor authentication.

Web Browser Privacy

Audience:  Anyone who browses the web
35 minutes

Did you know that web sites you visit can leave themselves a note -- on your computer -- to remind them of your activity if you visit again? That's what cookies are.  They allow Amazon and other web sites to greet you by name, and remember your favorite things.  In fact, they're necessary to things like online shopping baskets.  But there's a lot of money to be made drawing consumers to web sites, and companies are investing a lot of time, money and talent into anticipating your wants and catering to them.

This can lead to some disturbing privacy implications.  In this class, we'll have a close look at what information can be gathered, how we know it's used, and how it could be used.  We will also look at some ways to rein in what information is collected, and reduce its persistence.

Child Online Safety

Audience:  Parents of school-age children who use any technology
40 minutes

Children are more connected than ever before, and so are the dangers they face.  We take a deep dive into
  • The three main categories of threats connected kids encounter, with more than one example of each
  • How to protect kids from each of these dangers
  • How to prevent innocent errors from compromising your own identity or finance information
Note:  This presentation was heavily influenced by the SANS Institute's material, and will cover most of the same points as the slide show they make available near the bottom of this page.  In compliance with their licensing terms, this material is not offered for a fee.  While this seminar is available on request to any group of students, faculty and/or staff, its availability outside the college community may be subject to the availability of a volunteer presenter.

Social Media and the Job Search

Audience: Students approaching graduation; anyone conducting a job search
25 minutes

More and more companies are using online information to check up on job applicants.  What would your Facebook presence tell an employer about you?

In this course we explore the kinds of research that HR departments conduct on applicants, and some do's and don'ts for managing your brand online.