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Phishing presentation references

This is the raw material from which the Phishing presentation was made. In that talk, I have already sifted, organized and summarized the lessons learned from these links. If you have found your way in here without having seen the presentation, please contact me to set it up! I can help make sense of it all.


The Town that Cyber Crime Built:

FBI Scam warnings:

Aeon security breach August 2010

Miscellaneous supporting info

A very long, searchable list of breaches. To see the ones likely caused by falling for a phishing email, limit your search to "Hacking or Malware".

An in-depth look at ID Theft:

Anatomy of a scam

FBI warning about the Grandparent Scam

May 25, 2014: A column in the May 20, 2014 Wilmington News Journal / USA Today about scams currently in the wild: Phone scams, email scams and more. A good snapshot of what's going on this spring.

May 28, 2014: The Better Business Bureau's warning about job hiring scams.