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Public Speaking notes

This is a follow-up page to a short presentation I give to ISY, CIS or CEN classes on public speaking.  It's not supposed to be linked publicly; if you've found your way here without having seen the presentation, please excuse the informality.

If you'd like me to speak to your class about the benefits of knowing how to speak to a group, and some tips to do so confidently, please contact me.  The talk can go anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes.

Version 3 slide deck as PPT (needs PowerPoint or PowerPoint viewer) also as PDF (only needs Adobe reader, but animations don't work)

Not Always Right, Hat tip to Jennifer Hartland for the link.  See under the Jobs drop down (for example) computer repair and IT support.  (Deep linking those tags wasn't working for me, not sure if they're having issues today.)  In case I wasn't clear in class -- I am not suggesting you pass these experiences off as your own, but present them truthfully as stories you read online relevant to whatever it is you're trying to illustrate.

Article (PDF): Tips for Speaking Like a Business Strategist.  The actual tips are at the top of page 6; the rest of the article is directed at technical folks who have risen to positions of authority, and need to be able to connect with other executives.

Funny google image search results for "presentation" that I couldn't fit in the slide deck (best, runner up).  Update: funny from twitter. article on why you should embrace public speaking.  Somewhat addressed to women, but the advice is almost entirely universal.

Good article from Troy Hunt about 10 ways not to do a presentation.

If I didn't say so in class: please try to enjoy the public speaking experience.  If you can get some fun out of it, chances are your audience can also.