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Web Browser Privacy

Private Browsing

Most modern web browsers have a "private browsing mode."  Different browsers start that mode in different ways.


For Internet Explorer and Firefox use ctrl-shift-P to open a private browser window.  When finished, simply close the private window.

In Chrome, the key sequence is ctrl-shift-N.  On the menu, look for "incognito."

Apple Safari

In Apple Safari, you simply choose Safari > Private Browsing to turn it on and off.

In all cases, private browsing limits the amount of history saved on the computer, as well as the "session cookies" that web sites use to associate your current visit with past visits.

There are add-ons to further limit the amount of tracking that web sites can do.  Advanced users are encouraged to research script blockers and cookie manager add-ons for their favorite web browser.

Other considerations

Once you've signed up for a web site account, how hard is it to quit and delete your account? This site rates popular web sites and services on how hard it is to close out your account and delete your data.