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Not a Scam

Important Note

Every once in a while I get an email asking "is this a scam?" and it turns out, the email is no more than what it claims to be. I have begun collecting notes on external web sites that are used in the normal course of college business. If you receive email with a link to one of these sites, it could be just fine.

You should still read the email closely for other indicators; even a link going to a web site on this list should not ask you for your DTCC login credentials. You should only be typing in your password when you log in to a system, or when you change your password on a system. It is also normal for scammers to register "typo" web addresses, or very similar-sounding addresses, to fool you into giving up information. So while the following sites are used for legitimate business, you should still make sure you're being asked for something reasonable.

If you are going to send a college-wide email asking people to click a link, you should probably do a portal announcement first so that people know to expect the link in the email.  I would also appreciate you sending me a note so I can include your link in this list.

Probably Not Scams: - Used for scheduling meetings. - Used to process some financial aid processes. Instructors may receive reference requests linking back to this site. - promoted by CCIT for presentations; an alternative to PowerPoint - used by Institutional Research for some surveys

smugmug - used to display pictures, such as this link to the 2014 Employee Recognition event - Often used to conduct surveys. DIET project managers (among others) have an account here. - United Way Delaware. The annual drive where we click the link to make our donation is usually in the October time frame. Please don't decline to participate and blame the security guy! ...but note that the real address ends in .org, not in .com. - Delaware Tech partners with Vangent to issue 1098-T forms to students who choose to receive them electronically.  A year-end email goes out with details. - used by Stanton / George campus Instruction Dept for online newsletters. - this is where we order our business cards