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kid safety presentation notes

If you're just looking for resources for protecting your kids online, the Child Online Safety resource page (parent to this one) contains all the basic information.  If you've sat in on the live presentation, I may have brought up other things and promised you that I'd link out to them.  This is where I'll put those links.  Since I tend to tinker with presentations over time, you may see things here that were not brought up in the presentation.

Much of the slide show is adapted from the SANS Institute's "Securing the Kids" slide deck from their Presentations Page.
Supplementary Links

Filtering and Monitoring options have been moved to the Child Online Safety page, near the top of the right-hand column.

Lance Spitzner's October 2015 presentation of Securing the Kids, on Youtube (just under 1 hour, well worth the time).

November 2015:
Wikipedia Articles:

PowerPoint Slides

Pursuant to the license under which the SANS/StH material was used, the Powerpoint files I present are shared at this link.  The vXX number at the end of the file name should be read as version X.X; so, the first file ending in v07 is version 0.7.

Version 0.7 was presented November 10, 2014 at Lake Forest High School
(This same version was presented November 13, 2014 at Brandywine Springs, with the videos suppressed for time.)

Version 0.8 was presented November 18, 2015 to the PTO at Long Neck Elementary.  Long Neck Followup #1Xbox safety tips - I don't have an xbox to use for testing, but it looks like you can set minors' accounts to block friend requests, and set communications to "friends only".  Without testing, I'm not sure how approved friends would connect.