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Spam filtering - DTCC

This advice is specifically written for Delaware Tech employees.  For spam control at home, please check with your email provider.  (New: There's now a "Spam Filtering, General" page under resources, but your email provider should still offer this service.)

"Spam" here is simply unwanted commercial email.  If you are getting email that is obviously malicious (fraudulent or possibly infected) to a address, please email me.  For ordinary spam, however, you can just filter it out.  Here's how:

First, try filtering with your Thunderbird email client.  Specific instructions are here.  (This is the same link as appears in the portal, in the Resources tab, in the Employee Tools box.)

If Thunderbird's antispam feature is getting overwhelmed, you can try Delaware Tech's dspam filter.  This is strong medicine, and should not be set up as a first resort.  Dspam has a history of over-aggressive filtering, and you may find it sending legitimate email to quarantine.  Please do not proceed unless the unwanted email is a significant problem.

To filter unwanted email, first check to see that dspam is turned on for your account.
  • In the portal under the Resources tab, in the Tools box, click the "Manage My Account" link.  (Since this is a tutorial, you can also click here.  Same link.)
  • Within the User Account Management page, click the link for Spam Filtering.
  • In the DSPAM Control Center, select the Preferences tab.
  • Make sure the first option, Enable DSPAM filtering, is checked.  (It may be checked already.)  The rest of the options may be left as they are.
Once the system is guarding your account, you can "teach" it to catch things it has missed by forwarding junk email to  You will receive email notices when DSPAM catches and quarantines an email, so if it does catch a legitimate email by mistake, you can still get it back.